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Large format photography

Opt for our personalized photographic wallpaper and transform your walls into a living art gallery.
Choose from our extensive collection of high-quality images to add an artistic touch to your interior.

These exceptional options truly transform your walls into an art gallery that reflects your unique style.

Our large format photographs capture the smallest details, creating captivating visual pieces that inspire admiration.
Each image is carefully selected and processed to deliver optimal quality, immersing you in a captivating visual experience with every glance.

For a bolder, more immersive approach, choose our custom photographic wallpaper.
Our extensive collection of high-quality images offers you a multitude of designs, mesmerizing landscapes, striking portraits and dynamic city scenes to create a truly unique interior.

Whether you want to add an artistic touch to your living room, bedroom, office or other space, our large format photography and custom wallpaper options fit your needs.
Transform your environment into a place that reflects your personality and artistic tastes, creating a breathtaking visual ambiance.

Trust our expertise in high-quality images and customization for exceptional results. Opt for our large format photographs or our personalized wallpaper and discover the magic of art that comes to life on your walls.

Large format photography

2023-2025 Objective, more than 10,000 photographs on the Theimaginati gallery

Discover the astonishing diversity of the Theimaginati gallery

The themes evoked in Theimaginati are as varied as the emotions they evoke. Our large format photographs tell the stories of people, landscapes and cultures around the world.

Our large format prints are produced with exceptional quality

Discover the wild beauty captured in our large format animal photographs

Immerse yourself in a world where nature reigns supreme and wildlife is revealed in all its splendor.
Our large format animal photographs capture precious moments, unique moments frozen for eternity.
Whether it's a majestic lion on the African plains, a delicate elephant bathing in a river or a sparkling hummingbird foraging on an exotic flower, each image is a true work of art that transports you to the heart of nature.

Limited edition art photography

Immerse yourself in the world of limited edition fine art photography

A large format, signed and numbered photographic edition, limited to just 5 copies - an exclusive collectible, ensuring that each proud owner owns a truly unique work of art.
It's not just a simple photograph; it is a visual journey, an experience that transports you to the heart of the artist's vision.

What makes these works so exceptional?

Investing in large-format, limited-edition works made with the help of artificial intelligence

This fusion of human creativity and AI capabilities creates artistic pieces that are both captivating and innovative

The Artistic Alliance with Artificial Intelligence

The veil is lifted on the mystery of a photograph created by artificial intelligence

But what happens when art is in the hands of artificial intelligence? A new chapter opens, mixing the vibrations of human creation with the cold logic of machines...
Once upon a time there was a photograph, unlike any other. An image that was born with the creative mind of an artist and the guts of a machine. This work, the result of a clever mix between pixels and algorithms, was created with the help of artificial intelligence, shaking the boundaries between art and technology.

French decorators are famous

Theimaginati collaborates closely with decorators

Theimaginati works closely with interior designers to transform and improve the appearance and functionality of interior spaces, with a particular focus on wall cladding.

Imagine a world where every image you see brings you joy and happiness.

Theimaginati: An Odyssey of Inspiration and Smiles

Imagine a world where hatred and violence have no place, a universe where every image tells a captivating and hopeful story. At Theimaginati, we have created this sanctuary of inspiration and smiles, where each work of art is a hymn to beauty and emotion.

Send your ideas and let the magic happen

Turn your dreams into reality with a personalized large format photo

Whether you are a company looking for the perfect image for your advertising campaign, furnishing your offices, your meeting rooms, or a particular desire to enhance your interior with a unique work of art, Theimaginati is here to help you bring your vision to life.

Large format photography: total customization

Why buy large format photographs

Large format photographs are ideal for creating an immersive experience.
When placed in public spaces such as entrance halls, corridors or waiting rooms, they create a unique atmosphere.
Large format images can be used to tell a story, convey an emotion or promote a brand.
They are also perfect for art exhibitions, as they allow visitors to fully immerse themselves in the artwork.

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