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Photo Rag® Metallic, from Hahnemühle

My best choice of paper support for my Fine Art prints

This paper is special for fine art photo prints.

It has a shiny silver effect that turns gold if you print photos with warm colors like orange.

It is made to receive art printing ink and is made of natural white cotton, with no chemicals to bleach it.

What makes it unique is its texture and shiny metallic appearance that make images stand out, especially those with metallic elements, ice or glass landscapes, buildings, or high-contrast black and white photos.

It is durable, contains no acid or lignin, making it ideal for preserving prints for a long time.

This magnificent yellow chick posing in front of the lens was printed with Photo Rag® Metallic paper, from Hahnemühle. I have to tell you that the photos have nothing to do with reality. The depth and vividness of the colors, even when viewed from the side, remains remarkable.

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