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All formats possible

Large format photography

Large format photographs are ideal for creating an immersive experience.
When placed in public spaces such as entrance halls, corridors or waiting rooms, they create a unique atmosphere.

Expositions theimaginati.gif

Immerse yourself in visual perfection

Theimaginati large format photographs offer superior image quality compared to standard size prints.

Large format images have a higher resolution, which means details are sharper and clearer.

Colors are also more vibrant and accurate, resulting in superior image quality.

In addition, large format photographs are printed on rigid materials and with high quality inks that resist time and UV.
These materials are built to last, meaning large format images can be displayed for long periods of time without fading or degrading.

Visual grandeur, powerful messages

Large format prints go beyond simple decoration by providing a powerful platform for telling stories, communicating emotions and promoting a brand.

These imposing images are ideal for art exhibitions, providing visitors with total immersion in the artwork.

With their striking visual impact, large format prints transcend the boundaries of aesthetics, captivating audiences and creating a memorable experience.

Whether creating an evocative atmosphere or reinforcing a brand identity, these spectacular images play a crucial role in immersive visual communication.

Transform your space into a living canvas that goes beyond mere decoration to spark emotions and deep thoughts.

All high resolution formats

Panoramic wall mural

Each creation is exclusive. Vibrant colors, exceptional quality and unrivaled durability on the market
Theimaginati high-resolution wall murals , printed on adhesive canvas or ultra-resistant vinyl wallpaper, will bring a sublime touch to your living room, bedroom or office.

Une pluie pleine de couleurs photographie grand format by theimaginati.jpg
fresque murale salon romain avec colonnes et lac

How it works ?

Do you dream of beautifying a wall at home, in the office, or in your business with a magnificent wall fresco?

Theimaginati has two options to offer you:

1/ Let yourself be inspired by our pre-existing examples , which you can find at the bottom of this page.

They are there to give you ideas and stimulate your creativity.

2/ Opt for a tailor-made fresco by creating your own model. We transform your sketches and ideas for themes and colors into a unique work that perfectly reflects your style and preferences.

Express yourself through personalized wall art!

Photographic wallpaper to paste
Adhesive Canva photographic wallpaper
Very resistant, tear-resistant wallpaper supports.

* Creation of the graphic is free
** Possibility of paying in 3x without fees

Merci pour votre envoi

Endless themes

Let your imagination run wild and design your own wall mural from a wide range of available themes, whether abstract creations, captivating landscapes, ethnic inspirations, or even inventing a unique personal style.

Our diversity of possibilities allows you to fully express your creativity and personalize your space according to your unique tastes.

Transform your walls into a work of art that reflects your individual style and draws admiration from everyone who enters your space.

With Theimaginati, personalizing your interior becomes an authentic artistic experience.

fresque murale salon japonais
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