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The Fascinating World of Animals in Photographs

Bienvenue sur Theimaginati by Eric FOURNIER, le lieu incontournable pour les amoureux de la photographie animalière.

Découvrez un monde où chaque cliché raconte l'histoire unique et fascinante de notre environnement vivant.
Ma collection comprend des photos époustouflantes d'une variété incroyable d'animaux, allant des animaux de compagnie chaleureux et familiers aux animaux de la ferme rustiques et robustes.
Explorez la beauté sauvage et brute à travers nos galeries de photographies d'animaux sauvages, où chaque image capture l'essence de la vie dans la nature.

Découvrez les secrets des vastes savanes, les mystères des jungles luxuriantes, et la vie fragile des espèces en voie de disparition. Nous offrons également une sélection captivante de photos d'insectes, de rapaces en plein vol, de poissons nageant dans les profondeurs aquatiques et de majestueux cétacés.
Chaque photo de la collection est soigneusement choisie pour mettre en valeur la splendeur et la diversité du monde animal.

Que vous soyez un passionné de nature, un photographe amateur ou simplement à la recherche d'une belle image pour décorer votre espace,

Theimaginati est votre source de photographies d'animaux de qualité imprimée sans limite de taille.

Avec une variété de formats disponibles, des impressions classiques aux fresques murales, j'aurais toujours une image pour vous.

Rejoignez moi dans cette aventure visuelle captivante, où la beauté de la nature et le monde animal prennent vie.

Unique Collection of Animal Photographs

This collection is a treasure trove for photography enthusiasts and wildlife enthusiasts.

This exclusive gallery features an impressive variety of photographs from the living kingdom , all carefully created and retouched by Eric Fournier .
Each image is a story, a unique creation for which I own all the rights, revealing the beauty and diversity of the animal world in breathtaking detail.
My animal prints , ranging from intimate portraits of domestic animals to striking captures of wild animals , are all produced in high resolution.

The clarity and precision of each image is so remarkable that it can be compared to works exhibited in museums.

With a focus on quality, I ensure that every pixel is perfect, providing an unparalleled visual experience.
The colors in my creations are another aspect that distinguishes the collection.

They are vibrant and full of life, capturing the very essence of nature and animals in all their splendor.

Additionally, these colors are UV resistant, ensuring exceptional durability.

Whether for an exhibition in a professional space or to beautify your home or business, our photographs retain their brilliance and allure for years.
I am proud to present this unique collection, a true visual feast for everyone who appreciates photographic art and the animal world.

With such variety and unmatched quality, my online gallery is the perfect place to find that special piece that will capture your heart and enrich your space

Photographie de 2 chevaux emmêlés

Flexible Dimensions for All Needs

Discover the flexibility and customization of the “Flexible Dimensions for All Needs” photography range.

Every space is unique, and that's why I offer a wide selection of photographs in custom sizes to meet all your decorating and interior design requirements.

Whether you're looking for an elegant, standard-sized photograph to beautify a small space or an impressive giant wall mural to transform an entire wall , the collection has something for everyone.

Photograph size options vary from classic formats, perfect for understated and elegant decor, to grandiose wall murals that capture attention and create a focal point in any room.

These wall murals are ideal for commercial spaces, offices, or to make a bold statement in your home.
The quality of my prints is comparable to that of works exhibited in museums.
Each photograph is printed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring exceptional accuracy and clarity.

The museum quality of our images means that every detail, texture and color is reproduced with absolute fidelity, providing an immersive and rich visual experience.
I am committed to providing you with superior quality products that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Whether you are an art lover, an interior designer, or simply looking for a beautiful image to personalize your space, the flexible dimensions and our "Museum Quality" are here to turn your vision into reality.

Photograph of a bee on a lavender stem
Photograph of a bee on a lavender stem

Simplified Order Process

Discover the simplicity and customization of my services, a three-step process that makes it easy to select, personalize and purchase your favorite photography.

Step 1: Select Your Image
Start your artistic journey by browsing a vast collection of animal photographs (by fall 2024, the site will have included 1000 photographs).
Whether you're looking for calming natural landscapes, captivating wildlife portraits, or colorful scenes of underwater life, we have a multitude of options to delight your senses.
Choose from a wide range of themes and styles, find your favorite, and prepare to be amazed.

Step 2: Customize Your Order
After selecting your favorite image, customize your order to your specific preferences. Indicate the dimensions you want for your print, keeping in mind that we offer sizes starting at 50x50 cm to suit various spaces and decorative styles.
Then choose from our high-quality support options, designed to showcase your photography and ensure longevity.

Step 3: Secure Payment
In less than 24 hours after making your selection, you will be able to complete your purchase on the online checkout page and start looking forward to the arrival of your print(s).

This three-step ordering process allows for ultra-personalized orders and is designed to provide you with a pleasant, hassle-free experience, from the moment you choose your image to the moment you make your secure payment.

Photograph of a little yellow chick.jpg
Cow waiting for the rain 2501241643

Transparent and Competitive Prices

I value transparency and competitive pricing when choosing your prints.

This is why I have adopted a policy of “Transparent and Competitive Pricing” , ensuring fair and clearly established prices for all purchasing options.

Calculation per square meter

The unique pricing structure is designed to simplify your shopping experience.
The price of your art prints is calculated per square meter, a direct and easy to understand method.
This approach ensures that you pay a fair and equitable price for the exact size of print you choose, eliminating any confusion or surprises regarding the final cost.

Fixed and Competitive Price
For all prints, regardless of the medium chosen, the price is set at €139 per square meter.
Whether you opt for a classic print, a durable wallpaper or a large format canvas, the price remains constant and affordable.
This uniformity in pricing means you can choose the best medium for your work without worrying about cost variations.
I am committed to offering you not only artistic prints of exceptional quality but also competitive and transparent prices.

Whether you are decorating your home, office or looking for a special gift, the pricing ensures you get the best value for your investment.

The king is truly king of the savannah 2501242151

Choice of Premium Media

I am proud of you for offering a diverse range of high quality media for your photographs, each suited to different styles and needs.

The selection includes options such as PVC with black edge , photographic wallpaper or poster , adhesive canvas , and more.

In addition, we offer a practical fixing system for easy installation of your works.

PVC 5 mm with Black Edge
Ideal for those looking for a modern, stylish finish, the 5mm PVC option with black edge is perfect.
This choice is particularly appreciated for its contemporary appearance and its ability to highlight images in a refined and sophisticated way.
The black edge adds a touch of elegance, making each piece a focal point in your space.

Wallpaper / Photographic Poster to Paste or Frame
Photo wallpapers and posters to paste or frame are the perfect solution for large spaces, transforming any wall into a striking work of art, ideal for offices, living rooms or commercial spaces. This option provides maximum visual impact and is a great way to personalize a large space.

Canva Adhesive / Adhesive Photographic Poster
For those looking for an easy, hassle-free installation solution, Canva Adhesives or Adhesive Photo Posters are the ideal option.
Easy to apply and reposition, they are perfect for people who like to regularly change their interior decoration.
This option eliminates the need for frames or additional mounting hardware, providing maximum flexibility in presenting your images.

Tear-resistant supports
Durability is a priority, which is why all wallpapers are made with tear-resistant materials.
This feature ensures that your artwork will withstand time and handling, ensuring exceptional longevity and strength.

Mounting System Option
For even easier installation, I offer a practical fixing system, available for only €20.
This system is designed to simplify hanging your photographs, making the process quick, simple and secure.

Photograph of a little monkey taking a bath in the jungle

Join the Theimaginati Community

Join the Theimaginati community today and live a unique experience in the heart of natural and wild beauty.

Theimaginati is not just a photography gallery; it’s an invitation to explore and celebrate the extraordinary world of animals through the lens of our devices.
By choosing one of our photographs, you are not only beautifying your living space; you connect to nature and its wonders.

Each photograph we offer is a journey: from the majestic landscapes of the African savannah to the mysterious depths of the oceans, including the picturesque scenes of animal life in our countryside.

Our high-resolution images capture wildlife's most intimate and spectacular moments, allowing you to bring a piece of this natural beauty into your home.

Buying a photograph from Theimaginati also means supporting art photography and species conservation.

Every purchase helps shine a light on endangered animals and the wonders of our planet.

By choosing our products, you become an ambassador for wildlife and the environment.

I offer you not only photographs, but also a story, a piece of nature, an emotion.

Whether you're an art lover, wildlife enthusiast, or looking for an original piece for your home or office, Theimaginati always has something special for you.

Photograph of a bear on the ice

Wildlife photography, ranging from captivating wildlife photography to delicate bird images, requires mastery of wildlife photography tips. Whether to immortalize an animal landscape or to zoom in on wild mammals, nature photography techniques play a crucial role. Photographers specializing in photographing insects, reptiles and amphibians, or marine mammals must choose their equipment carefully, favoring the best lenses for wildlife photography.

For those looking to deepen their skills, wildlife photography courses and workshops are available, covering varied topics like wildlife photography in Africa, wildlife photography in winter, and even nocturnal wildlife photography. Wildlife photography galleries and competitions provide a platform to exhibit these amazing works. Photographers can also venture out on photography safaris or participate in wildlife photography exhibitions to share their passion.

For those interested in theory, there are books on wildlife photography, offering tips for capturing wildlife in motion, advice on photographing endangered animals, and techniques for photographing wildlife in national parks . The use of drones opens up new perspectives in wildlife photography, making it possible to capture breathtaking images in the mountains or in urban environments. Finally, domestic wildlife photography and forest photography remain popular areas for amateurs and professionals.

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