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Qui suis je ?

My passion for life and art has always been with me.
Born in 1960, I currently live in Lattes, near Montpellier, and it is here that I exercise my creativity.
I always dreamed of diving back into art once I retired, and here it is, with the birth of “by Theimaginati”.

Une pluie pleine de couleurs photographie grand format by theimaginati.jpg
fresque murale salon romain avec colonnes et lac

My photography delves into the heart of the animal world and biodiversity , capturing the natural beauty, shapes and colors that touch me.

Each image reflects themes that are dear to me: peace, love, and light, and I hope to convey these positive messages through my works.

My art is the fruit of a marriage between photography and graphics , enriched by my 30 years of experience.

I strive to create unique, dazzling and decorative works that skillfully marry the brilliance of photography and the endless possibilities of digital to deliver something truly extraordinary.

To talk a little about my background, I started drawing at the age of 10 , trying to reproduce the characters that populated my nocturnal visions.

Later, I had the chance to study under the tutelage of Eliane Beaupuy-Manciet, co-founder of the École des Beaux-Arts de Sète , a true pioneer in artistic education in France.
I then continued my studies in graphic arts at ENSAD in Limoges , where I refined my talent for graphics , sculpture and finally photography .


Today, I stand on the threshold of a new chapter, ready to explore and share my view of the world through my art.

fresque murale salon japonais
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